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As ALG Logistics, we do customs clearance, export and import;

Clearance: We can take customers' materials from abroad through any customs. (Nicosia - Kyrenia - Famagusta- Ercan - Free Port) We also carry out domestic transportation as part of customs clearance.

Import: We can transport goods from any country. Whatever comes to mind as a material (fresh fish, lobster, computer, textile, dangerous substance, etc.) We have been working with Turkish Airlines as a cargo general sales agent for 17 years.

Export: We can send cargo to every country on Turkish Airlines route. (Cat, dog, funeral, computer, textile, personal goods, hazardous goods, etc.)

Logistics: We can deliver door to door. Whether it is from TRNC to another country or from another country to TRNC.

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About Us


It is our Vision and Mission to serve in the most accurate and fastest way in line with the demands of our customers with our expert staff that develops itself, to reach perfection every day by adhering to human and labor with a better and knowledgeable service understanding than the previous day.

Our Founder Erdogan Aligullu has great effort and contribution in the establishment, development and current situation of Air Cargo Transportation in Northern Cyprus. Our founder, Erdogan Aligullu, worked as cargo manager at London Heatrow Airport for 3 Years and served as Cargo Manager for 23 years in Turkish Cypriot Airlines.


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